Cowichan Valley, Canada - Polarsteps

The previous day was horrendously rainy; I felt so miserable from being completely soaked for the entire day (waterproof attire only seems to work up to a certain point). We were still a ferry ride and 15km away from a camping spot on Gabriola Island, so we ended up folding and payng for a night at (not the) Best Western Hotel. I was so happy to be warm and dry again. Plus we got up for the 6am breakfast and had our fill of crappy packaged croissants with nutella and all the cheesy, cartoon egg omelete slices I could mow down (not a vegan for this trip. At times probably won't even be able to be vegetarian). The weather this day was much kinder, with only small scatters of rain amongst a mostly sunny day. Even getting through Nanaimo wasn't too bad, we found bike trails to take us most of the way. I had my first unpleasant encounters back to back as we entered Ladysmith. The first was my fault as I taking a lane like I was in a city instead of where I actauly was, on the left hand side of a turning lane coming into town. Still, the response was super aggressive horn blaring which wasnt necessary, followed by a speedy getaway. Then immediately after that someone in the opposing direction proceeded to turn left towards me as I had the green light to go straight . This isn't something new, so I was ready to stop when I saw he certainly wasn't. I'm sure we gave quite the show of hand gestures to the cars stopped for the red light in the lanes perpendicular. When these things happen a switch flips and I just see red, it takes me a good ten minutes to calm down afterwards. I really wish there was more bicycle lanes and infrastructure so I would never have to share the road with cars; it feels so much calmer and so much safer. After a second long distance day we arrived at Sara's mom's house for pizza and a super cozy bed to sleep in. It was such a nice way to end our day : ) - Kini
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