Cowichan Valley, Canada - Polarsteps

We spent the next two days in Cowichan Bay visiting with Sara's mom ,Gillian, and her partner Andy. These photos are of the local estuary that we've have cycled past on quite a few ocassions but never stopped to appreciate. When we passed through this area the day before on our bikes I could hear all the bird activity and got super stoked at the idea of spendig some time here during the visit. We met up with a friend of GIllian's who has a 9 month old great dane named Louie. Louie felt more like I was walking a horse than a dog, especially since he is young and full of energy. In the water we saw green winged teals, buffleheads, northern shovelers, common mergansers, swans and maybe some lesser yelowlegs. In the brush we spotted red winged blackbirds, swallows and anna's hummingbrds. We had a great evening having dinner with Sara's Aunt Susan and her partner MIck, two super lovely people. We decided to stay another night to have a bit more visiting time as well as letting our bodies (our legs in partic) recuperate. - Kini
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