Vancouver, Canada - Polarsteps

We attempted to catch the 7am ferry but due to not one, not two, but three flats on my front tire we ended up just catching the 9am. Being at the ferry terminal felt like being in california again; it must have been the sea air mixed with adventure. Sara wrote out our directions for this 80km day; we were so spoiled with our guide book from Tom and Vicky that took us down the west coast. Even though some parts were a decade outdated we had all the instructions and the route in our hands. We arrived to our host Margaret, she is our friend Calypso's mom :). She was sweet enough to fit us, and all our stuff (bikes included!), into her one bedroom condo. Her son, David (also very sweet) arrived from Tokyo on May 2nd and made amazing pizza! We ventured out to The V.A.G. (Vancouver Art Gallery) with Sara's longtime friend Evan. We were hoping to see the Yoko Ono exhibit but we were a day late! We still had fun, even though the one exhibit about A.I. was more of a museum exhibit than an art one. -Kini
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