Maple Ridge, Canada - Polarsteps

Left Vancouver after being hosted by the wonderful Margaret (and David!) we dipped our tires in the pacific; if all goes as hoped it will be a long time before our tires touch this ocean again. This was just our second time so far on this trip where we slept in our tent (we have been spoiled with so many hosts). We arrived later than we had intended and set up quickly just off a trail. A dog at one point ran off the main trail and found us, they didn't bark but were super excited to see us and wanted to play. I was nervous the people walking on the trail would spot us and wonder who the weridos in the woods were. Luckily that didnt happen. However, at 2:30am we woke to a crashing sound; one of the trees must have fallen over somewhat nearby. I won't lie, this freaked me out. It took me a while to calm down because i wasn't convinced it wasn't a bear. Sara bravely poked her head out the tent and shone a flashlight around the area; NO BEAR. My hero! - Kini
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