Okanagan-Similkameen, Canada - Polarsteps

We had a short day today; after rolling into The Upper Similkameen Rec Area for lunch we realized how exhausted we were from two days of climbing and decided to stayed for the night. Only news to report are the campground crows; they run this place. If you step outisde your campsite or put up a clothes line they start chirpin' and cawin' at ya. They have a crowsnest (a crowsnest on the Crowsnest Highway!) situated about 7 meters from our campsite, at the top of a tree (like the crowsnest on a pirate ship). There are atleast 3 BB crows in there, you can sort of see them when it is feeding time. Cute lil things, I want one so badly. Also, imagine this crow family trying to get thier portrait taken at sears! They would be so obnoxious! - Kini Good food day! We had a big potato and cheesy egg and vegetable breakfast (if you're not carrying whole potatoes, a dozen extra-large eggs, and a large ziplock bag of herbs and spices on your bike tour, what are you even doing?), and some herby fried tofu, rice, and more vegetables for dinner. I washed my laundry in the river like a 19th-century laundress. The third-to-last photo is of Kini drafting this blog post. The last two photos are of a rock in our campsite that was rude to us. The tree shot is an attempt to capture the crows' nest, but they were more audible than visible. -Sara
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