Central Kootenay, Canada - Polarsteps

We scooted back down the Slocan River Rail Trail and got to spend a couple of days with these absolute gems in Krestova. Julie was with us through two farm situations spanning a lot of years around Victoria, and for the last couple of years she and Dylan have been on this beautiful plot of land in the Kootenays, where Julie's started the Winnow Seed Company, growing organic open-pollinated seeds and selling them locally. We've been wanting to visit for a while, and we feel so lucky that our bikes were able to take us here. Also pictured: Sophie the dog, also a former co-worker; an incredibly handsome rooster; and some of the elk that would wander through and graze in the back field every day. Further wildlife reports: On our way down the rail trail a baby moose crossed the path in front of us(!) We've also seen a lot of osprey fishing and nesting through the Kootenays. -Sara
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