Central Kootenay, Canada - Polarsteps

A note on the first photo: We get asked fairly often whether we're riding the Trans Canada Trail the whole way across Canada-- there was a lot of publicity around the 'completion' of the trail in 2017, implying that there maybe actually is a continuous trail you can follow across the country. We're big fans of the idea, and of some of the really good TCT stretches we've gotten to ride on-- we'll keep doing it when we can. Here in Nelson, though, is a prime example-- not the only one-- of some of the fudging that happened to claim the trail as complete: at this point, for a while, it is actually just a waterway. I'm sure paddling it is incredibly lovely, but in all the gear we packed we neglected to bring a canoe, so we stuck to Highway 3A. This was a really perfect biking day. We sat and had coffee and muffins in downtown Nelson, then had an easy ride in beautiful weather along the Kootenay River, stopped at a waterfront recreation area for lunch and a cold swim, then jaunted on to Balfour, where we spent a really wonderful couple of days with Kini's childhood friend Danielle and her partner Gideon. Danielle took us up to Ainsworth Hot Springs when we got there (the best possible thing at the end of a cycling day), and we all went into Nelson the next day for lunch and some bookstore browsing, and we even happened to catch the high school grads' parade through downtown (which was a huge event; half the city turned up for it). We stayed up late playing board games and were sad to leave the next day, which we have been for these last few stops through the Kootenays-- we've been so fortunate to have this run of friends to visit here, and it's been a massive highlight of our travels through BC. -Sara
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