Yahk Campground, Canada - Polarsteps

I don't remember much about the cycling this day, but here are some overall trends that were kicking in around this time: Alberta Is Coming: -Saw our first old grain elevator in Creston -Drivers getting a little wilder (PSA: If you're going down a two-lane highway and there are cyclists coming towards you on the opposite shoulder, that's the wrong moment to pass the car in front of you; I'm sure you feel like you've got this, but seeing you barrelling towards me at 120km/h is terrifying, and if I pull off the road and shake my fist at you, this is why). -Asking questions like, "Is the gas station cashier glaring at me because a) I'm on a bicycle, b) I'm queer, c) I'm wearing a face mask, or d) some combination of all of the above?" Apocalypse Bike Trip: The rivers are really, really high (see the above picture of one swallowing up a campsite). There are serious flooding concerns in BC; there's been a ton of rain (we've noticed) and because it's been unseasonably cold, a lot of snowfall in the mountains, which is now just waiting for a heat wave to melt it all and send it down into the valley towns. Fernie and Sparwood are areas of major concern, and Sparwood has already had to evacuate some mobile home communities near the Elk River. These are places we're about to head directly into, and on top of that there's a lot more rain in the forecast, and as we get closer, major thunderstorms too. We have a new road song called 'Apocalypse Bike Trip', to be freestyled like so: APOCALYPSE BIKE TRIP What's it gonna be A big flood or a forest fire for me APOCALYPSE BIKE TRIP The bears woke up hungry APOCALYPSE BIKE TRIP etc. etc. -Sara
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