East Kootenay, Canada - Polarsteps

The area near Moyie Lake was beautiful, but we found the traffic exhausting; we always had a good-enough shoulder to ride on, but truck and RV traffic was really picking up, and on a two-lane winding highway we were keeping a close eye on our rear-view mirrors and doing the dance of moving over off the hard shoulder onto the gravel shoulder every time something big was coming up behind us. We were getting antsy to finish cycling BC at this point and were trying to gun it for the Crowsnest Pass, but ended up stopping early at Moyie Lake, deciding to get up early to cover the rest of the distance to Cranbrook when the road would be quieter (Cranbrook is also where the highway branches off north and heads to Calgary, and we were hoping this might mean we would lose some of the traffic there). We spent most of the afternoon in a lakeside rec area, reading and snacking and watching windsurfers, before heading into the campground for the night. -Sara
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