Lethbridge, Canada - Polarsteps

Trip mileage: 1950km Rough riding day; the tailwinds that launched us over the prairies the previous day had turned into headwinds and side winds, and we spent a lot of time grinding and watching dark rainstorms shift around the horizon and occasionally pass over and drench us. We made it, though; we closed the gap to Picture Butte and got Kini to their childhood farm home, where we're staying to visit for about a week. Our bikes are stowed away and we're luxuriously driving around in a 1999 Intrepid, doing some jaunts into Lethbridge and further afield. We're sleeping in, mowing the grass, fixing up the bikes (most of our worldly possessions are in storage here, and Kini's pulled out some of the fancier bike tools), sitting on the porch, updating this blog, and planning the next leg of this trip. More soon, Sara
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