Indian Head, Canada - Polarsteps

We said goodbye to Darcy, Amanda, and Clem, and rode a sweet bike path network around the lake and out the east end of Regina. We saw pelicans fishing along the way! We didn't know they lived here; they were amazing. Back on the highway we passed through a long stretch of interchanges before we got back to just the quieter long-haul west-east traffic. We'd set up a place to stay with Warm Showers hosts and bike enthusiasts (and easily the coolest people in Indian Head) Bruce and Sherry. They were above-and-beyond warm and welcoming, and their home was a comfortable haven to arrive to. We slept down in the cool basement, our first fully indoor night since two provinces and well over a month ago. - Sara We arrived to amazing hosts, Bruce and Sherry, in the little town of Indian Head. We were greeted by their super sweet doggo, Asa, and welcomed into thier home as if it were our own. We were encouraged to eat whatever we wanted, drink whatever we wanted, pick anywhere to sleep, etc. I really can't speak enough to the generosity and trust from people who host from Warm Showers and how there is such a culture of being open and trusting one another. I am sure one day we will have someone who wants us to join their cult or get in on a pyramid scheme but that will be a super rare occurence and would still not even come close to the positive experiences and connections staying with people brings. Bruce and Sherry even went out to visit friends as we fell asleep in the basement in the house of people we had just reached out to 24 hours prior. Everyone felt completely fine and safe in doing so. - Kini
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