Division No. 12, Canada - Polarsteps

We stayed in Winnipeg a few days and rested pretty hard at our home base; our one big day out on the town, we walked to the Winnipeg Art Gallery and spent a lot of the day there, looking at the special exhibits and a lot of Inuit art (a major focus of the gallery). We dragged our feet a bit the day we left, and did our 35km ride out of the city at the very end of the day, navigating a series of bike trails toward Birds Hill Park, a little off our route that is itself a little off-route; for a few provinces we've only been on the Trans Canada Highway, and this would be our last chance for a long time to spend some time off of it. Part of the ride was on a country road with no shoulder, quiet enough that 5 minutes could pass without a car going by, and this was surprisingly where, for the first time on this trip, a pickup truck passed us and the passenger fully leaned out the window to give us the finger-- not because we'd made any kind of dumb move on our bikes, but just because we were biking on the road (we honestly expected this exactly two provinces ago; in the thousands of drivers that have passed us on the road over the last few months, we were eventually going to meet this one-- he's rare but inevitable).
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