Oliver Paipoonge, Canada - Polarsteps

We made our third time zone crossing into Eastern Standard Time, kept biking, did some bigger hills, and continued to be pleasantly surprised by how much of the highway was newly and well shouldered. There was a hard-to-pinpoint change in the landscape and the air coming down towards Lake Superior. Ontario is so big that we've mentally divided it into a few easier-to-bite-off pieces, and Thunder Bay marks the end of the first mouthful and the start of our ride down the length of Lake Superior. We decided to treat ourselves to a rare-these-days night in an actual campground, in the provincial park at Kakabeka Falls; we were coming off three nights at roadside rest stops and hadn't had a full night's sleep in a while-- we were really feeling the need for a quiet place where we could set up early and switch off the constant awareness of our surroundings (and also have a shower; things were getting dire).
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