Blind River, Canada - Polarsteps

Pictured: sandhill cranes! We saw a lot of them in the fields in this area. We ended this day at the Blind River Marina, a place that explicitly allowed tent camping but offered no information about where we were supposed to do that or how we might pay for it after their early closing time, so we pitched our tent awkwardly on the grass in the middle of their picnic area. We stayed to make coffee and breakfast there the next morning, which put us in the middle of all the marina action and led to one of the few moments when we've truly hit our limits talking to people; we were getting stopped and interviewed by person after person as we were trying to get packed up and fill our water bottles, and it had us leaving late to start what we'd planned as a long-distance day. Many thanks to the person who expressed concern about the gap in our resumes. When we look back on this trip, what we'll remember most is how disruptive it was to chasing our corporate dreams. -Sara
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