Caledon, Canada - Polarsteps

We stayed at a really lovely campground just south of Owen Sound, and only landed a spot there because they had tent-only sites that no one else was staying in; the rest of it, and everywhere else on the peninsula, had been booked solid for a fishing derby and the second-last weekend of summer vacation. ...Which also was pretty terrible timing to be cycling through this area; Toronto drivers are notorious for a reason, and the small towns along our way were packed bumper-to-bumper with them. We started the day on a gravel trail, which was great but slow-going, and about 30km in it turned into a rough, rocky ATV trail and we had to get onto the roads. We took some detours and country side-routes to steer clear of the main highway, which meant a lot of hills and slow riding on gravel-- all of which led to us not being able to finish the long ride to Caledon before the sun went down. We were headed to our friend Devon's house, and called for help 24 km short of making it there; she came and rescued us, and we crammed her SUV full of our bikes, our gear, and ourselves. Big, big thanks to Devon (our farming friend from back on Vancouver Island) and her parents for having us tent in the yard for a couple of nights. We had a sweet time catching up, visiting a nearby beer garden, and accompanying Devon to her evening side-gig where we rode an ATV around a farm and coralled various flocks of ducks and geese into their respective homes for the night. -Sara
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