Montreal, Canada - Polarsteps

Because we entered Quebec on this trail, we didn't have a big provincial sign welcoming us in; to mark our exit out of the longest province, we just took these photos with the first sign that we were in Quebec, which was this ski-doo club sign. Shortly after, Kini got a flat tire and fixed it on the trail. On the outskirts of Montreal we got onto La Route Verte, a Quebec-wide network of bike-friendly roads and trails. It had some chaotic stretches coming into the city, but we found drivers incredibly respectful of cyclists, and when we did the last little bit in the dark we were safely tucked away on protected bike lanes. Big thanks to Christine and Em for the cozy stay; these two met us at our campsite back near the Alberta/Saskatchewan border during their move across the country, and it was a marker of how long we've been on the road that we found them settled in in Montreal by the time we got there. Thanks to Rae and Dibs for the living room sushi hang and the Ghostly Hounds show at a punk house; Montreal was largely an experience of sliding back into our Victoria BC life/community for a moment, and it was a joy. -Sara
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